FosfoBeet: high-energy

beet pulp enriched with


FosfoBeet consists of beet pulp enriched with phosphorus. Using our unique production method, we add phosphorus to the beet pulp. The result is a high-energy roughage with an optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio. The actual energy source in beet pulp is the easily digestible fibre pectin, which is evenly and easily digested by the stomach bacteria.

FosfoBeet contains no starch and little sugar, thereby eliminating the risk of fast fermentation, acidification and an imbalance in the gastric flora. It is highly suitable for lactating dams and growing crias, but also ideal for older or sick animals in need of extra energy. Enriching the naturally low in phosphorus beet pulp with phosphorus, we also help ensure the proper development of bones in growing crias and that the animals reach sexual maturity easier.

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The advantages of
The advantages of Fosfobeet
A source of energy

The high-energy, prebiotic fibre pectin is easily digested by stomach bacteria, providing an energy boost to lactating dams, growing crias and all animals in need of extra energy.

Innovative formula

The addition of phosphorous to regular beet pulp gives it a quality upgrade. 

Optimum calcium to phosphorus ratio

The extra phosphorus also ensures good bone development and helps crias reach sexual maturity more easily.

Low sugar content, no starch

No risk of fast fermentation or acidification of the stomach.

Analytical components
Dry matter
893 g/kg
106 g/kg
Crude protein
91 g/kg
Crude fat
16 g/kg
Crude cellulose
157 g/kg
Crude ash
82 g/kg
36 g/kg
Total sugars
75 g/kg
419 g/kg
204 g/kg
10 g/kg
44 g/kg
3,1 g/kg
2,9 g/kg
5,3 g/kg
1,0 g/kg
1,8 g/kg
1,1 g/kg
Energy (VEM)

Beet pulp, wheat short meal, disodium phosphate, molasses, palm oil

Suggested use

FosfoBeet must never be fed dry. Add 3-4 litres of water per kg of FosfoBeet. Allow to soak for at least 1 hour and let swell until the pellets have completely disintegrated. The use of lukewarm water speeds up the swelling process, and the animals also like it in winter.

Always provide unrestricted access to grass and/or hay.

Daily amount

up to max. 8 g per kg
body weight

These data refer to FosfoBeet in dry state.


Always use in combination with Alpamin.

Did you know...

phosphorus is extremely important for good energy efficiency and strong bones? The phosphorus metabolism in alpacas is highly sensitive. During illness, lactation and a reduced appetite, the phosphorus level in animals can decrease considerably. FosfoBeet helps prevent this!