Cria Vitamin AD3E 60ml

Vitamine D for crias

In the thin air of the Andean mountains, there is a lot of UV radiation. Alpacas and llamas in this natural habitat produce sufficient vitamin D in their skins. The alpaca pastures in Europe are at a much lower altitude, so the UV radiation is less intense. In addition, there are far fewer hours of sunlight in Europe during the winter, so the natural production of vitamin D3 by the skin during this period is lower.

Vitamin D regulates calcium-phosphorus metabolism, and is essential for a healthy bone growth. Deficiency leads to rickets. Especially growing animals between 2 and 12 months of age have an increased requirement for vitamin D. For them it is essential to supplement vitamin D during the winter months through this paste. Adult alpacas and llamas only need a daily dosis of Alpamin to maintain their blood vitamin D levels.

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Analytical components
Dry matter
Crude Protein
Crude fiber
Crude fat
Crude ash
Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E

Propylene glycol, glycerine, calcium chloride

Suggested use


Crias in during their first winter:

2ml/5kg of body weight
Standard dose weanling 6-9 months: 10ml

To be administered from an age of 2 months. 3 x throughout winter: in November, January and March


Aged animals with an increased requirement:

1ml/5kg of body weight
1x throughout winter

Cria Vitamin AD3E 60ml
Did you know ...

symptoms of rickets include impaired growth, carpal vagus, cow hocks, stiff gait, lying down often, soft ribs, lumps on the transition between ribs and rib cartilage, and bone enlargement around the growth plates.