AlpaGrass: easily

digestible roughage

A combination of finely chopped grasses and herbs offers a well-balanced roughage to alpacas and llamas. AlpaGrass is easy to digest and can be fed as roughage in unlimited amounts. The right protein and sugar content in AlpaGrass makes it perfect for pregnant or lactating dams and their growing crias. The addition of linseed oil promotes intestinal function and a shiny fleece.

The seasons, the weather, grass height and other factors all affect the quality of grass or hay. Not the best quality? AlpaGrass is the perfect supplement when you do not have quality roughage available! The high-quality grasses and herbs are carefully dried for a superior result.

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The advantages of
The advantages of AlpaGrass
Top quality with added linseed oil

Great-tasting grasses and herbs, carefully dried and with added linseed oil.

An optimal mix

High-quality grass combined with chicory, sainfoin and more.

Easily digestible

AlpaGrass can be fed to the animals in unlimited amounts.

12% protein and low sugar content

Perfect for animals in the production phase, such as pregnant or lactating dams and growing crias.

Analytical components
Crude protein
120 g/kg
Crude fat
40 g/kg
Crude fibre
331 g/kg
Crude ash
89 g/kg
7,2 g/kg
3,2 g/kg
1,3 g/kg
75 g/kg

Fine grass mixture, esparcette, chicory fibre, linseed oil

Suggested use

AlpaGrass is an easily digestible roughage of very high quality. It can be used as a supplement to grass and/or hay. 


Daily amount

May be fed without restriction

Always give in addition to Alpamin.

Did you know...

high-quality feed is important for alpacas and llamas in very many areas. For example, it helps maintain well-balanced gut bacteria. And this in turn promotes well-balanced health!