What does an 

alpaca eat?

This was the question we asked ourselves over ten years ago. Since the climate and environment in Europe are so different than on the South American plateaus, we were looking for a way to mimic the natural diet of alpacas and llamas as near as possible.

In 2008, alpaca veterinarian Thijs Flahou developed Alpamin alpaca feed, initially for his own animals and, nowadays, for alpacas and llamas across all of Europe.

“We deliberately chose to create different feed types, so that the proteins, energy, vitamins and minerals could be specifically adapted to the individual needs of the alpacas and llamas. We use only the very best ingredients, so you can keep your animals in top shape with this comprehensive range of alpaca feed!”

Concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement

Alpamin 20kg

Concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement

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Alprofos 20kg

High-protein concentrate

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AlpaGrass 15kg

Easily digestible roughage

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FosfoBeet 20kg

High-energy beet pulp enriched with phosphorus

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Tips & advice

Are you new to the world of alpacas? Or would you like to learn more about the best possible feed for your animals? Have a look at the insider tips shared by alpaca veterinarian Thijs!