Concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement

Alpamin: high-quality

vitamin and mineral


The natural habitat of alpacas and llamas is the high plains of South America. These plateaus are sunny, have varied vegetation and mineral-rich soils, so the climate and environment are quite different than on the European continent. To help keep the animals in optimum health on this side of the world, alpaca veterinarian Thijs Flahou developed a combination of vitamins and minerals to simulate the positive natural effects. Alpamin consists of tasty pellets that can win over any animal!

Only the very best ingredients and most modern technologies are used to produce Alpamin. We combine, for example, different forms of the same mineral in order to significantly increase intestinal absorption.

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Why is Alpamin a must?

Alpamin is not intended to provide energy or proteins. In other words, it is not a concentrate, but a well-balanced vitamin and mineral supplement that keeps animals in optimum health. If this supplement is not used, the deficiencies can lead to health problems in both the short and long term, such as weak bones, fertility problems, weak crias, cria death, skin problems and overall lower immune function. Make no mistake, this supplement is necessary for every llama and alpaca, not only crias or pregnant and lactating dams! For adult alpacas and llamas, a daily dose of Alpamin is sufficient to never have to administer vitamin and mineral injections. 

The advantages of
The advantages of Alpamin
Healthy & strong bones thanks to Vitamin D

Alpamin contains a coated, heat-resistant form of vitamin D. This variant is highly stable and remains biologically available for absorption through the intestinal wall.

High zinc content for healthy fleece & skin

We use three different types of zinc, each of which is absorbed by the intestines in a different way.

Optimal fertility with selenium

Selenium promotes optimal fertility and the vitality of newborn crias. Alpamin contains both inorganic and organic selenium.

Healthy skin, fibre and nails thanks to biotin

Biotin not only keeps skin, fibre and nails healthy, but also stimulates milk production.

Sulphur-containing amino acids for high-quality wool fibres

These amino acids provide sulphur, which is then absorbed by the wool fibres. Sulphur is beneficial because it is an essential component of wool fibres. An optimal sulphuric level helps safeguard good fibre structure.

Good calcium to phosphorous ratio for healthy bone development

An ideal calcium to phosphorous ratio of 2:1 regulates healthy and strong bone development and good energy efficiency.

High-fibre raw materials

To support gut flora, we use high-fibre raw materials instead of starchy grain products.

Tasty pellets

Alpamin is packed with vitamins and minerals and can also be easily eaten by crias.

Analytical components
Dry matter
890 g/kg
110 g/kg
Crude protein
150 g/kg
Crude fat
31 g/kg
Crude cellulose
166 g/kg
Crude ash
129 g/kg
103 g/kg
Total sugars
54 g/kg
357 g/kg
193 g/kg
20 g/kg
10 g/kg
5,2 g/kg
13,3 g/kg
3,4 g/kg
6,8 g/kg
108 g/kg
1,7 g/kg
480 mg/kg
519 mg/kg
3541 mg/kg
209 mg/kg
0,3 mg/kg
9,2 mg/kg
4,7 mg/kg
6,8 mg/kg
6,0 g/kg
7,4 g/kg
2,4 g/kg
Vitamin D3
20000 IE/kg
Vitamin A
90000 IE/kg
Vitamin E
700 mg/kg
Vitamin B1
20 mg/kg
Vitamin B2
10 mg/kg
Vitamin B6
20 mg/kg
Vitamin B12
0,2 mg/kg
Vitamin K3
10 mg/kg
10 mg/kg
30 mg/kg
Energy (VEM)

alfalfa, wheat middlings, barley flakes, oat hulls, sunflower meal, isomaltulose molasses, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, rape seed feed

Suggested use

To ensure an optimal supply of all minerals and vitamins, Alpamin should be used throughout the year.

A little more may be given in winter than in summer. Always stay within the range of the recommended daily amount.

Always provide unrestricted access to grass and/or hay.

Daily amount

1 to 1.5 g per kg body weight

Standard dose alpaca SUMMER:

Adult                       75 grams

Cria 6-12 months    50 grams


Standard dose alpaca WINTER:

Adult                       100 grams

Cria 6-12 months     50 grams


For llamas, give double dose.

Did you know...

the type of feed that an alpaca or llama requires depends strongly on the physiological phase, age and living conditions of the animal? It is primarily the protein and energy needs that fluctuate. A separate dose of Alpamin makes sure the animals are in good basic health!