Alpamin - advanced alpaca nutrition


At Alpamin, we do not believe in ‘one size fits all’. Every alpaca and llama is unique – as are their dietary needs. Our product range is categorised into various types of products – vitamins & minerals, proteins, energy and roughage – so that, as a breeder, you can tailor the feed to the specific needs of each animal or each group of animals. A pregnant or lactating female, male and growing cria all have different needs. Thanks to our extensive product range, you can meet their specific dietary requirements. No less and definitely no more!

  • Alpamin: vitamins & minerals
  • Alprofos: protein-rich concentrate
  • FosfoBeet: phosphorous-rich beet pulp
  • AlpaGrass: great-tasting roughage

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Alpaca feed developed from practice

In 2008, alpaca veterinarian Thijs Flahou was unable to find suitable feed for his alpacas. After all, he wanted to reproduce the natural diet of these South American animals in Europe, while also meeting their individual needs. This desire sparked the creation of Alpamin!

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After all these years, we dare call ourselves alpaca and llama experts. And we are eager to share our knowledge with you, so that you can care for your animals as best as possible. Are you a beginning breeder or an experienced alpaca owner? We’re certain that everyone can learn something new from our informative tips & advice.