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The system Alpamin-Alprofos

Alprofos is a protein supplier, a small pellet with an optimal Calcium/Phosphorus ratio.

Alprofos is mixed with Alpamin, according to the requirement of the moment. Per unit of Alpamin, we fed 0 to 4 units of Alprofos.

The only way to provide alpacas with a constant ‘all year round’ level of minerals and vitamins, is the use of a concentrated supplement, like Alpamin. On top of that, it is necessary to adjust the level of proteins in the feed, according to the requirement of the moment. This variable protein requirement depends on many variable factors, such as temperature, pregnancy, lactation, growth, quality of roughage, etc.

Feeding systems which are making use of only one type of pellets - for the supplementation of minerals/vitamins and proteins - are not ideal. The reason is that, if the protein content in the total diet needs to be increased, the level of minerals and vitamins will also automatically be increased.

Therefore, specialists advise to separate mineral and vitamin supplementation from protein supplementation. This way, protein levels can be regulated separately, according to the requirements of the moment. 


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