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Use of chelated minerals

Alpamin makes use of high end animal nutrition technologies.The most important important technology is the use of chelated minerals. Below you can read how this system works.

Minerals are absorbed in the intestines via specific 'gates'. Sometimes, different types of minerals are choosing the same gate. Therfore, these gates can often not swallow the abundancy of presented minerals. That is why many minerals are excreted in the faeces instead of being absorbed. Different types of minerals compete with each other for absorption in the intestines.

A solution for this is the use of chelated minerals. Chelated minerals are minerals which are bound to a carrier: an organic chelator. Alpamin makes use of organic chelators.

The advantage of this is that the minerals are transported through the intestinal wall, 'on the back' of the chelator. These chelators use different 'gates' in the intestinal wall, so there is no chance for competition for absorption with other minerals.

Chelated minerals are a complex science. Alpamin uses the newest and the best available chelated minerals, this for zinc and selenium.

The image below shows a diagram with the inter-mineral competition for intestinal absorption. 


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