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Alpacas have specific mineral- and vitamin requirements. Other requirements than cows, sheep, goats, horses... Nutritional supplements which are developed for the more common domestic species, don't maximize the potential of alpacas, and can in some cases lead to disease and/or death. After many years of testing, nutritional specialist, veterinarians, and alpaca specialists, developed Alpamin to the quality supplement it is today.

Alpamin is a completely balanced mineral- and vitamin supplement for alpacas and llamas. It is not an energy supplier. Alpamin supports fleece quality, fertility, vitality and immunity of your alpaca. It is a tasteful pellet, and needs to be supplied on top of unlimited grass, hay and/or haylage of good quality. In a non-demanding physiological stage, this is sufficient to provide the animal with an optimal nutrient balance. For lactating, pregnant or growing animals, we recommend to feed an extra protein pellet, e.g. 'Alprophos' (read more), and/or an energy supplier such as sugarbeet pulp.

Benefits of Alpamin

  • High levels of vitamine D3 are necessary for a healthy bone development, and a good calcium/phosphorus regulation. This helps to prevent common illnesses such as rickets. Alpamin uses a special form of coated vitamine D3. This coating protects the vitamine D3, so that heat production during manufacturing processes don't affect its quality in a negative way. 
  • Linseed as a source of omega 3 fatty acids. This supports fleece and fiber quality, and gives the fleece a shiny and healthy look. A must for the show champion!
  • High levels of bio-available zinc - necessary for a healthy skin - help to prevent lesions resulting from zinc-responsive dermatitis. In order to obtain optimal intestinal absorption of zinc, a high tech organic form of zinc is used: chelated zinc. This addition helps to fight skin invasions, such as mange.
  • High levels of biotin supports skin and fleece condition.
  • The right balance of other bio-available microminerals, such as selenium and copper, benefit fertility and immunity.
  • The right calcium-phosphorus balance supports growth and bone production in a perfect way.
  • The pelllet is very small, so that crias can start eating it from a very young age.
  • Alpamin makes use of the newest animal nutrition technologies. High quality forms of minerals and vitamins are used. This results in optimal intestinal absorption of these minerals.


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